.303 British shotshell

May someone tell me about this round? No sound when shaken.

A number of detonator and percussion tubes were 303 straight wall cases that were used to fire trench mortars, fuses (No. 110) and ordnance etc. Some of them were full of solid BP pellets, so I’m not surprised they wouldn’t ‘rattle’. Is that a card or cork wad?

These are covered in B. A. Temple’s second book on the .303 British Service Cartridge. (No:2 - Blank Ammunition). He produced 5 small books, which are good to have if you can find them.

However, I don’t believe the R-P made these for the UK and the headstamp strikes me as more commercial than military. What is the overall length?

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Looks like a Cartridge for a Steel
Construction Stud Gun…fires a headed stud into I -girders so that concrete can bond to the girder.

Other possibility is Holecutter for
RAILS in Railway repair. These are Usually .45/70 cases…nowadays
Portable electric drills are used, powered by generator on truck or
Commercial production using RP cases ( .45/70 hole cutters were made by Olin/ Western)
Doc AV

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I thought of a Ramset cartridge but never seen one that long. All the .303 ones have been short.

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Thanks. I’ll measure it when I get home. The wad looks like wax.

Headstamp is much too late (ca 1960’s?) for a British shotshell of this type.
What does it weigh? grains or grams.

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Maybe a handload conversion of .303" to .410" Musket.

Total length 40.55mm, diametre at the head 11.5mm, diametre at the mouth 10.07mm.
Here it is next to a regular .303 Ball

The total weight is 12.04 gm, which is 185.8 gn.

I have two of the shot loads (x-ray someplace). Case length is 1.510" / 38.39mm & weight is 334.5 grains / 21.67 grams. One (right & lower) has a rolled over crimp & the other more of a coned mouth crimp over yellowish paper wads.
303%20shot%20hs 303%20shot%20oa
I don’t think the RP is a initiator as Mayhem suggested as those are much earlier and the three I have are not crimped, the cork wad is flush with the case mouth, and the cases are all especially headstamped.

So although I don’t know what it is, I’ll go with the thought / guess of a power tool

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I didn’t think it was an initiator due to the headstamp but wondered if someone had attempted to make one. Sorry - should have been clearer.

Sorry Mayhem, I didn’t mean to imply you thought it was an initiator, but was just trying to call attention to your thought / post.

All good Pete - no blood, no foul :)