303 British Tracer

This is a British mark 2 Flame Tracer with headstamp, K 69 G2, 1969 seems a very late date for this Mark, could someone please tell me what was the reason for this, maybe an overseas contract , or, thanks Randy

Kynoch made a whole series of special purpose loads post war for export contracts. They usually had tip colours which were not normally applied in British service.

In addition to the G2z I have:
K 303 G3Z (plain tip)
K 56 G6 (white tip)
K 49 B4Z (blue tip)
K 48 W1Z (green tip)

I believe some of these were made for Argentina.


Thanks Tony, do you know if the Kynoch factory documents still exist ? it would be nice if one day we could get a list of overseas contract rounds so we could correctly identify these odd ball 303’s, I am sure we all come accross them from time to time . Randy