303 British with Black Primer

Hi Folks can someone help with info on this 303 with all Black Primer the headstamp is R L C 11 usual 3 stab crimps could it be early Proof or a match round



IMHO the copper primer has oxidised to black over the years, have several like it.

Royal Laboratory, Cordite Mark II, (Pre-1898-1904)–Undated.
Copper Primer could be “oxidised” to black colour, but could also be a Factory Colouring for a specific ID Purpose.

Doc AV

I agree with Orange, I think there is no significance to these blackened primers and that they have just oxidised. Like him, I have a number od similar examples.

The “Purple Label” Mark VII which had blackened primers as part of the identification is shown below. As you can see, it is also noticably shorter than the normal Mark VII and has no neck slit crimps. It was designed to give misfeeds in machine guns for training.

See also my comments on the .303 tracer thread.


Thanks for the replies, sorry for the delay in replying, I have had primers that have oxidised, they look rough pitted or molded, but this one looks different, its smooth,bright and shiny like it has had a coat of paint/lacquer , most unusual, regards Randy