.303 Britt MK VII Ball ballistics


Are/is there published exterior ballistics for the Britt .303 MK VII Ball that shows standard deviation and ballistic coefficient of this round? Was there a change for this data over the years after the use of the later type of Cordite and later on in 1938 of the nitrocellulose powder ( Z loading ) still using the MK VII Ball projectile?
Thank you for any info.


There is just about everything you would need to know about the ballistics of the .303 inch Mark VII in “Text Book of Small Arms 1929” which is available as a reprint.

amazon.co.uk/Textbook-Small- … 1843428083

Also, I think you are under a misapprehension about the introduction of the nitro-cellulose load. This occurred in 1916/17 when Dupont No.16 was used and there was no change in the ballistics. Similarly, there was no change in the type of cordite used which was MDT 5-2.

The nitro-cellulose round introduced in 1938 was the boat tailed Ball Mark VIIIz, a quite different animal for long range volley fire from Vickers guns.