303 Brtish Printing colours on pre 1900 bundles


As a point of interest I would like to know what colours are used on the printing on bundles of .303 British Ball, Short Range and Blank of pre 1900 British made ammunition. From what I have been able to ascertain Ball cartridge bundles have red print, does this apply to short range and blank. All of the photos of Short Range and Blank are in B & W.


I will scan a couple of labels for you and give a more detailed answer later today.



Although the colour of the printing had some significance, particularly post 1926, the colour of the wrapper was the most important criteria.

Pre 1900 ball cartridges were packed in buff coloured paper, originally with black printing (Snider and Martini) and then with red print.

Notice on the last one the original Mark IV wrapper has been hand altered to Mark V.

Short Range rounds were also packed in buff paper but with black printing.

Blank ammunition was officially packed in purple wrappers with black printing, but most I have seen the paper is more of a dark grey colour.

I do not have an early Proof wrapper, but post 1926 (and probably before) they had black printing on terra cotta paper.



To TonyE ~ Thanks very much,exactly the information I was seeking.


Here is another .303 label I have just acquired, a nice wrapper for Greenwood & Batley ammunition from 1915.

Note the large ā€œNā€ denoting Royal Navy issue.