.303 Buckingham bullet / IAA Tony Edwards

Just saw our very own Tony Edwards on a PBS television broadcast regarding Zeppelins in WWI. Tony was describing the Buckingham incendiary bullet as they fired them in a remotely operated rifle. Tony described the spinning bullet as the phosphorous exited the hollow core.

Looking good Tony!

If there is a link to his segment, please post it.

No link to the video, let alone the segment Tony was in, only a 30 second promo trailer for the show can be found online. With a DVR and a way to extract the video, somebody could do it.

Repeat showing at 2AM ET on PBS. DVD available for $20 on their website. Hope it will repeat at a time I can see it as it sounds very interesting!


This program aired last August in Britain and Tony Edwards briefly discussed his involvement with the program on BOCN, see here: bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/8 … -Zeppelins

Typically with NOVA/PBS presentations you should be able to down load the video in the near future (next week or so) and watch it on your computer:

pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/z … ttack.html


You can now view “Zeppelin Terror Attack” (PBS Nova, about 53 minutes) on your computer: video.pbs.org/video/2365154711/

Well worth watching!


“We’re sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to right restrictions.”

Coincidentally I saw it too, on National Geographic. Nice performance, Tony!

Anyone, in Canada and otherwise, you can watch it on YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=LtGRY9ZsuCY. If you still can’t get it, email me and I’ll deliver.

That works .
Thank you.


Here is an old post related to this story with photos of Pomeroy rounds viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14173&p=100493&hilit=.303+identification#p100493

I don’t know how to extract the video to show the segment where Tony is explaining the Buckingham bullet, but here is a snapshot of him describing the bullet to Dr Hugh Hunt of Cambridge:

They did some great slow-motion video showing the flame exiting through the tiny hole after having had the solder melted out of the hole upon firing.

I recently discovered a site called Tubechop.com which allows you to select a Youtube video, and then edit it down to a particular segment of the video, and then provides you with a link of that shorter segment. Here is the part of the above mentioned video featuring Tony from a couple years ago:




One advantage of the land of the fruits and nuts I was able to click on Brian’s link and watch the whole program. Did not realize the Zeppelin’s dropped almost as much incendiary bombs as HE.


I can’t get it to run for some reason - I’m clicking on both of the ‘start’ buttons but nothing happens…