303 buckingham mark II?

I just bought this 303 as an Incendiary Buckingham.
Non-magnetic bullet secured by three stab crimps.
Can anyone confirm that?
Thank you.

It could be, as early rounds didn’t include the VIIB on the headstamp that would otherwise indicate it as such. Both stab and pin crimps, as well as neck coning were used to secure the bullet. The bullet should have a CN envelope.

I’d be worried about the marks on the bullet being from someone with pliers wanting more evidence of what it is (or worse, removing the original bullet and replacing it with something more placid). An x-ray would be one way to be sure.

Those marks on the bullet only seem to appear on one side. I would think if the bullet was pulled with pliers, the marks would be on two sides of the bullet, directly opposing each other.

Just an observation.

John M.

Good evening.
The mark on the bullet seems to be a shock and is only on one side as John says.
I’ll try to get an X-ray.
Thank you for your interest.

The Xray will be the only way to be sure. Early Buckingham were sometimes round nosed, then changed to the spitzer type. Lacking type designation in the headstamp it could be anything, although the date corresponds.

What is the weight of the cartridge, this is a good guide also as the MkII Buckingham had a bullet of only 137grns. Can you tell if it is cordite or NC loaded


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