.303 bullet with number 7 on base

Can anyone shed any light on a bullet from a 1923 dated SAAF .303 has a number 7 stamped in the bullet base, does anyone have any info on where no 7 bullets were made.

I know cartridge was manufacture in 1923 at the Small Arms Ammunition Factory at Footscray but was this the stamp for their bullets as well, I have a 1921 dated round as well but I dont really want to pull it to check the bullet base


Australia started Loading Mark VII bullets with a Mark VII Cordite Load in Late 1917, using Imported Bullets Produced by Greenwood and Bately in the UK. By 1919, there seems to have been some Local (Aussie) Production of Mark VII Bullets…could it be that the “7” simply indicates the “Mark” of this “New” ( to Australian production) Projectile? ( G&B bullets are Usually (not always) marked with a “G”)…Many Mark VII bullets I have pulled from WW I to after WWII have a simple compression Mark (*) on the Base.

Any other Info??

Doc AV

Greenwood & Batley Ltd did use a G but also used GB over 7 from 1940-43 in my collection I have=
MF 37 VII with a bullet base mark of M but badly worn
MH 1941 VII with 7
MJ 1941 VII with 7