303 Bundle - Rifleite

In IAA Journal Issue 444, Jul/Aug '05 page 35 is a photo of a .303 Inch Bundle Mark V dated 1900 manufactured by DC with RIFLEITE in lieu of CORDITE on the printed wrapper and underneath the
photo is “Canadian (DC) Mk II loaded with Rifleite”. Could someone enlarge upon this as to headstamp and any other relevant information.


I have an opened packet of this ammunition (photo attached) as well as all 10 original rounds. The headstanp is a standard D/l\C C V but you can distinctly hear loose powder moving if you shake the ctg. The case is not blackened, either wholly or partially, as occurred in later match ammunition. I also have a copy of period documentation from the Deputy Minister, Militia and Defence from June 1900 indicating this ammunition was for match purposes, at the discretion of the user who could choose between one of the following four types of ammunition for Dominion Rifle Association competitions:

Rifleite, Mk.V
Rifleite, Mk.II
Cordite, Mk.V
Cordite, Mk.II (R.L. Recapped)

As best I can tell, this makes it the earliest purpose built .303 “match” ammunition officially manufactured in Canada (at the Government Cartridge and Shell Factory Quebec). Can anyone verify or refute this?

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated. Would be nice to see a bundle of Rifleite Mark II.

Yes, I’m hoping to find one. There has to be some out there somewhere …