.303 cac


Here is one for our Antipodean friends.

I have just acquired this round on flea bay so I do not have any provenance for it. The upper part of the headstamp is very faintly stamped but appears to be CAC VIIZ 20. The round has been inerted and has come from an old collection or display as the case and bullet are lacquered and the case bears the number 977.

I have a checklist from Lynn Harris that shows VIIZ production at CAC starting in 1921, so is this 1920 dated example previously known? Also, as it has no month in the headstamp I presume this is NZ and not Australian production?



I believe CAC stand fore Colonial Ammunition Company Ltd. New Zealand.


Thanks, I was aware of the but remember that CAC were also operating in Australia at that date.

I was more concerned about knowing whether this was the earliest date known for a nitro cellulose load from CAC.



In my CAC collection which I havent looked at for about 8 years now I have the following 1920 headstamps
CAC 20. CAC 20 VII. AND CAC 20 VIIZ all loaded with CN FMJs
and also the CAC 20 VIIZ h/s in rosecrimped blank.
My collection isnt compete but I have 132 variations of CAC 303
Yes Im pretty sure that it was produced here in NZ


Thanks Craig.



No worries TonyE.
Are there any CAC variations in particular that you are after?


Australia used the CAC headstamp up to and including 1920, then changed to S A A F .
But! the Australian rounds had both the month and year of manufacture from 1906 through to 1920 with the C A C headstamp, so Craigt is probably on the money. I will post a picture.


Nearly got the orientation.


Tony, I do not collect 303 but have a few hundred, tried to find when nitrocellulose was first used, but my only reference states that from time to time a charge of 41grains of nitrocellulose was used in place of the normal cordite charge and the headstamp reflected same with " Z " being added.
But I do not have a V11Z headstamp around the 1920 era. my next is S A A F still with the V11 mark for a cordite load.


Thanks Terry. I was aware of the significance of the month for Aussie CAC and the date it changed to SAAF. The main reason for posting the question was to check whether the 1920 date was known for the NC loading, since the only NZ CAC checklist I have is an old one from the late Lynn Harris which starts the NC loadings at 1921.

Also, since it was 1920 I wanted to confirm it was NZ and not some interim style between CAC and SAAF at Footscray. As far as I know, Footscray did not load any NC rounds during this period. I have the excellent Footscray history that I downloaded from the ADI site.