303 Cartridge Weights

Evening All,

I have been weighing my modest collection of 115 303 ball cartridges and have recorded the following average weights (grams)

MkII - 25.44
MkIV - 27.51
MkV - 25.60
MkVI - 27.28
MkVII - 24.62
MkVIIZ - 25.81

Military Rifle & Machine Gun Cartridges by Jean Huon gives the weight for 303 as 28.6 grs. Are the weights I’ve recorded about right for the various Mks or do I need to invest in a better set of scales :)?

Hello John, weight of my cartridges are:
BP MKI : 30,01
BP MKII : 29,74
C MKI : 24,89
C MKII : 21,57
C MKII special : 25,44
C MKIV : 27,30
C MKV : 27,31
C MKVI : 25,36
C MKVII : 25,12
Z MKVII : 25,31
Z MKVIII : 25,28

What type of scale do you have? I used to calibrate scales and the heart of them is called a load cell. Very expensive to replace. Have anything than would provide a given weight like an ounce of silver? Tom from MN

A brand new US quarter weighs 2.000 ounces or 5.670 grams


Many thanks for these.



My scales are nothing special, a relatively cheap digital set but they give me a good idea.

I’m in the UK and have just “googled” the weight of a one pound coin, it is 8.75g. My scales indicate 8.827 so weighing a bit heavy.



Sorry to intervene, but 2 ounces is close to 56.70 grams. I have no US quarter available, but think its weight is quite different.

My computer tells me a quarter weighs .2 oz., that’s the current clad coin and which sounds about right. Jack

All the British .303 drawings I have dont have grammes on they have grains a MkVII should be between 380 and 394 grains.
All my french .303 drawings have gram’s “I think I cant speak french” :-)


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There should be a very small screwdriver adjustment hole either in back or underneath the scale. You should put the new coin on the scale every time you use it or if it has been moved. Don’t use internal batteries, use an AC adapter that plugs in the wall. Batteries age. A new US quarter weighs 5.670 grams.

Hi Tom

“A brand new US quarter weighs 2.000 ounces or 5.670 grams”

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Do you have drawings for other Mks?