.303 Catridges for Review


Are both of these projectiles original to their casing? I thought only MKII had soft or hollow point. The cartridge with the soft point is dated 07. Thanking you all in advance and hoping to hear from some of you very soon.

Regards, juno44


The cartridge shown on the right is a Mk V and appears to have the correct hollow point bullet in it. This would have been in service from about 1899 to 1905.
The Mk VI cartridge on the left has been reloaded with a soft point bullet which is not original to the case. It should have a roundnose Mk VI bullet in it.

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Regards, Michel

The lh ctg looks like a National Cartridge Co conversion of a MkVI ball ctg. NA obtained a quantity of surplus MkVI ammo in the 1920s cut the jacket from the nose of the bullet and swedged it to make a SP. It was marketed in boxes similar to DCCo boxes. It gave trouble with cores blowing through the jacket and was withdrawn.

Juno and Jim. Could the first .303 be by National Cartridge Co, Canada? I had a packet once. They converted rather than reloaded cartridges by exposing the core to make it soft nose by removing the metal from the nose. Not really a success I do believe and ammunition was condemned?

Orange. I believe we are correct. You beat me to the reply.

Thank you to all, Michel