303 clips

On some 303 clips there are round holes in the bottom.
On some others there are slants.


Just different ways of making the things lighter.

The ones with the elongated holes needed re-inforcing ridges at right angles to the holes to stiffen the clip whereas the ones with round holes didn’t need this extra manufacturing step.

The ones with the elongated holes are the early types (MkI, MkII and MkII*), the ones with the round holes are the later ones.

Oddly, Portuguese made 0,303" chargers had no holes at all in the base.


thank you very much

It strikes me that I was a bit imprecise in my reply.

The MkI charger had elongated slots on the base but no stiffening ribs. It must have been found to be insufficiently robust because the MkII and MkII* both had slightly shorter slots but with stiffening ribs. Subsequent Marks had round holes and thus had no need for re-inforcement.

The picture shows the three types of base mentioned above.

Sorry If I caused any confusion, Peter

You learn something new every day! All these years and I have never noticed. I’ll have to start looking.