.303 DA headstamp question

Have a .303 British cartridge DA 09 VI Cup arrow 11
When was this cartridge made?

Also a .303 headstamped LbI triangle -
What country made this and when?

It would help to see the headstamps, but my first thought for the DA round is 1909. Flip #2 around and see if there is anything inside the triangle. Looks like it might be an Arabic Iraqi headstamp.

Is it like this?
da c 12 09 vi

If so this is Dominion Arsenal Canada where the 09 is the date of manufacture, meaning 1909 and Vi is a Mark 6 .303 cartridge. 12 should be the month of manufacture so December.

After some digging that’s what I found also. The answer to the 2nd question is IRAQ. Thanks for your help guys! Tom

fl iraq Ta 1909

so like this?

No Mine has a head stamp of LbI triangle- It was made in Iraq. Thanks!

Yes I am just trying to picture it and have several. The triangle one I posted was Iraqi. Is it then like this style?
fl iraq triangle Al Yarmouk Bagdad 1979
Just trying to understand what yours looks likes or if it is something new to me.

You are looking at the “Lbl” upside-down. I would also bet there is a small dot before the “L”. Those would be the Arabic numbers “1960”.


Can you post a picture of the headstamp please Tom?

Kind of a crappy photo but you can see the .Lbl at the bottom and the triangle c at the top. I’m pretty sure it was made in Iraq but if I can figure out the year it would be great. Thanks!

That is the date, as indicated by jonnyc.


Tom…if you read my post above, you will see that I answered your date question…1960.

Now I get it, thanks again! Tom

I am not a great photographer but can I offer some advice which may help you.
Your .303 headstamp was unreadable. Please try 2 or 3 photos next time. I think you were too close so try a bit further away next time. We can always zoom in on your photo.
You then pick the best photo on clarity, focus and brightness to submit with your question.
Please continue sending your queries to this forum. Just trying to help you. Ron.

Can I rob Tom’s post, and ask for a second opinion on this one?need date
Is this 1960 Egypt?

Looks like I’ll have to buy one of those expensive camera’s. Mine’s a cheap hand me down.

A desktop’s scanner do a really good job for a few dozens of dollars

Tom I’m sure your hand me down camera has a preview. Use it, It is apparently an auto focus & those work on scene contrast within the limit of the focus. As Ron advises move a little away from the subject & into the range where the auto focus works. Just lightly touch the shutter buttom & you will hear it work to focus.You should be able to see iin the preview window if what you want is sharp or not. If not move back until it is.

Neighbor Tom,
I use my phone, and send them to the computer for cropping. For me, getting a close up in focus is near impossible. But I have some luck if I back up a bit, and crop off the wasted area around the subject.

you need no expensive camera, just apply a little common sense. Your camera focuses on the most prominent object in its field of view, wich is the pliers. Consequently the pliers a perfectly sharp.

How is your camera to know that you really want to show the very tiny headstamp? It is far away from the dominating object.

Simply make a hole in a piece of cardboard and push the cartrige through it, so that its head is more or less flush with the cardboard. Then your camera has no other choice than focussing on the cardborad/headstamp level and your headstamp will show clearly.

Simply do not let the headstamp stick out inches from the background. Your camera can’t help it.

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