.303 draw set - what is a fair price?



I’ve been offered a 37 piece 303 draw set, of which there are 19 stages of case drawing and 18 of the projectile being drawn and filled. It is all loose, not mounted. The seller has asked me to make him an offer but I’m unsure of what is reasonable and certainly don’t want to offend him. Any thoughts?



Frankly, I have never seen a great demand for draw sets that are not mounted. The one you are considering sounds like it may have each stage both complete and sectioned to have 37 pieces!

A big determinate is the factory that made the set and it’s age. A draw set of a very early 303 is a lot more than a WWII era draw set. The manufacturer is also important. A Winchester draw set may appeal to Winchester collectors who would not touch a British draw set, and the opposite may also be true.

Like most things in this hobby, it is worth what the buyer is willing to pay!



Thanks Lew.


I ended up giving him $45 US for it. There were a number of duplicates in there and two different envelope types. I’ll eventually frame it.

Does anyone out there have a document that shows the various stages of manufacturer for both the case and the projectile?


So guys have all the luck… i was just looking at a 7,62x51 draw set last night.


They are nice additions to a specialty collection. I think I have 3 different 7.62 Tokarev sets. I probably wouldn’t really be interested in any other caliber, unless I needed the round or headstamp badly.


I would like 303 or 7.62x51 set.



Which factory produced your drawset.?



Hi John,

The only case that has a HS on it is from Welshpool and is the stage where the cordite and card disc were loaded prior to the case being necked. The cases that have been necked, annealed and trimmed have no HS on them.

It is a mixed bag, with some cases boxer primed. I have enough cases to do a full set with berdan primed cases and a full set of Mk VII envelopes, aluminium tip and lead to do the corresponding projectile set.

I just need to slice and mount them…



I thought they may have been Welshpool. Nice acquisition, however the boxer cases don’t belong. To my knowledge the Aust Gov factories never made .303s with boxer priming.
The lack of Head stamp doesn’t surprise as the Head stamp is added later in the process.
I’m still not home, so when I am I’ll try to dig out the steps of manufacture. I don’t have a set of .303 but do have a set of pre production 5.56 which was sent to me by Footscray. This lot is not Head stamped, but I believe they were bases on RP rounds.


Hi John,
Yes - I believe the boxer cases to be commercial. They could be Canadian or US but I strongly doubt that. A friend of mine has a mounted set of 7.62 that was given to him by the Footscray factory. I may have a photo somewhere.


Found a note on the 5.56mm drawset. They were sent to me in 1974 by Felix Goodyear, the then manager. Its a complete set of case and projectile, however I think they were all supplied to Footscray by Remington when Footscray were tooling up for the 5.56. Each item is on a separate small envelope, marked with the stage. I send you the details when I get a chance.

On my last visit they were most unhappy at doing all the work to manufacture this calibre, but due to a political decision it was decided to buy the calibre from Singapore.