.303 drill cadet issue 1983 (U.K.)

I have a question about one of the drill rounds in my collection; its a Italian produced drill round with a white tip. The bullet is only made of a magnetic envelope (no core). see image:

Is this the .303 drill cadet issue 1983 (U.K.)? or should it also have vertical flutes in the case, like on the image below:

What is the genuine version, the one with or without flutes, or are both variations used?

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The one without flutes is the original Italian round as purchased by the MOD in the UK. They then had the flutes added by (I think) the Conjay Arms Co. in the UK, as this is the standard marking for British drill rounds.


Just to round out the information on this thread, “BPD” are the initials of Bombrini Parodi-Delfino, an Italian form with offices in Rome and Mila and a large industrial complex at Colleferro.

The white-tip round is also found in 9mm Parabellum date 52 (1952). It is what we call a hollow dummy, with brass primer cup, plain brass case (no flutes or cannelures and a non-magnetic FMJ RN bullet with white-painted tip. There is a 7.9 x 57 dummy as well, date 953 (1953),but it is entirely nickel-plated, including the primer cup.It is hollow as well, but the spitzer type FMJ bullet is magnetic

I don’t know who the 7.9 x 57mm dummies were made for. The box label is in English, however… I do not know about the 9mm one either. I have never seen a box for it. England was producing a large amount of 9mm dummies in their own factories in that era. The 9mm one is the scarcest of the three, 9mm, .303 and 7.9, by far.

The small “O” on the primer indicates an inert primer cup. It is not to be confused with the pre-WWII “O” marking on RWS non-corrosisive (Sinoxid) primers, nor on the Remington primers with “O” on the cup meant for commercial reloaders.

Just thought I would add this for the benefit of those seeing this thread on don’t have this information.

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I think I’ll have to look for the other drill round also…

Sir Joost - You say "I think I will have to look for the other drill round also."
Which one are you referring to? PM me.