.303 Drill Cartridge Question

As you can see from the photos the entire cartridge is chromed, there is no head stamp, the cap chamber has an anvil but no fire holes and it’s painted red.

I thought it was a Mk VI* but the photo in Edwards’ book shows neck indents while mine seems to be a coned neck crimp. You can just make out the cannelure.

I also thought it might be a Mk VII or 10 but Edwards’ book shows the bullets should not be chromed.

Is there enough information to make a firm id?

Thanks, Harvey

Have the same & it is South African.

So it’s a Mk10 then according to Edwards’ book. Is that correct?

I would say without a shadow of a doubt in my mind it is a Mk10 Drill round as to who produced it and for who that I am not sure. It does look similar to the Naval MKVI which were fully chromed but they had no anvil or flash holes and neck crimps. yours has the anvil and coned neck, so I would say definitely the MK10


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Early days yet but I am busy with the South African .303 project. It is still very much a work in progress but inputs welcome.


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