.303 Drill D.1942 Canadian Pattern

All info I can find on this round has the headstamp as DAC 1942 VII but I have one that is a definite Drill D.1942 Canadian Pattern but has the headstamp DAC 1943 QIV. has anyone else have this drill round with a different headstamp. Mine is an un-plated version, but is correct in every other way. I know many cases were used up to make drill/dummy rounds but I was lead to believe these were only found with the DAC 1942 VII headstamp


Have the same with an empty Berdan primer pocket with two flash holes but a tinned case.
Also with same primer pocket configuration & tinned case
DAC 1943 VII
DAC 1942 VII
DAC 1943 WI

If this doesn’t have flutes I think you will find this is the Canadian version of the British Dummy .303 inch U Mark V. Made in 1943 from reject cases. Case should be nickel plated. Headstamps include Ball Mk VII and AP WI.
If your is fluted its a different beast.

It has the flutes John and everything else matches the Drill D.1942 Canadian Pattern. I wonder if they just used some reject cases on these like they did on many other drill/dummy cartridges?


None of those I noted has flutes,

I think this is the case, that Richard is asking about. (If other headstamps are known.)
The center one.
5 DAC profile


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Yup mine is the middle one, this is the Drill D 1942 Canadian pattern but all the info I have says that they were only made with DAC 1942 VII cases but thats 2 of us that have the QIV 1943 now ???
I just wondered if any other headstamps are out there for this round so at least 2 now.

Dan can you tell if the 2 rounds on the right have an alluminium distance piece or a wooden one

many thanks for all your help

In my earlier post I didn’t realize case flutes were called for
Here is a 3rd like the one in question.
Can 303 drill QIV 1943 hs

Thanks Pete so we have 2 definite headstamps for the Canadian drill round in question

thanks again

What am I missing? The headstamps look the same…
The weight of all five, starting from the left.

  1. 395.4 gr. Aluminum

  2. 359.9 gr. Wood?

  3. 370.5 gr. Wood?

  4. 371.1 gr. Wood?

  5. 366.8 gr. Wood?

Did anybody check Temple’s work on .303 dummy cartridges?
Vol 5 (1994)

Yes checked there, it states only the 1942 dated headstamp. It does mention the QIV 1943 headstamp being used on the MkV inspectors dummy but not on the Canadian 1942 Drill

Dan, should the 2nd and 3rd not weight same with them being the same round.


I rechecked them and the weights above are correct. They are what they are… What do yours weigh, and what are the 2 definite headstamps for these in question? Or do you mean we have 2 definite headstamps, with different case finishes and dates, for the Drill D 1942 Canadian pattern?
Thanks, Dan