.303 Drill D Mark IX?

I’ve got two cartridges very similar; H/S R^L 1941 VII with canceled ring.
The first one is made of brass and the second copper washed brass.
I think the first one was also in copper washed brass as we can see some copper remaining in the cap hole.
Can anybody tell me if they are Drill D Mark IX as there are no vertical flutes or holes in the case.



The only reference to the 3 patterns of Mk9’s are fluted, drilled or both. I cant find any MK9’s that have plain cases.
Looking through the flash holes you can make out what looks like the bottom of distance pieces or something inside.


These are believed to be follower cartridges specially made for the 100 round Bren AA drum magazine. The description states that the follower is linked to three dummy cartridges, but does not describe them further. This is why the magazine is occasionally described as a 97 round mag, since that is the number of live rounds it holds.

I will post a picture of the steel follower cartrisge later.


I thought these cartridges should be tinned overall with 3 heavy indents in case neck near the mouth.