303 dummy

I have a dummy 303 british cartridge and I would like to know its correct military name and some info about this round
The bullet is hollow brass with 4 crimps and it is blackened.
The case has a wooden primer and is headstamped " W.R.A. 1942 .303"

Pivi - your round is an Italian dummy made on an american case. I had the identical round, including the same headstamp, in my collection when I was collecting .303. I think it is a pretty good round. I picked up the only one I had ever seen, and seem to recall I got it at a Chicago Show (pre-SLICS). You do not see them often, that is for sure.

The guy that sold me this item said that it is not a common round.
I had the idea it was italian too because the 6,5 carcano dummy rounds have the same bullet with the same crimps and color

Thank you

Pivi - I forgot to answer the second part of your question regarding the official designation of this round. It is hard to say what it is because, reinforcing my opinion that it is a scarce cartridge, it is not mentioned in either “Armi Portatili e Munizioni Militari Italiane 1870-1998,” by Ruggero Pettinelli, nor in the only primary reference source that I have which might have contained it, “Nomenclatore delle Munizioni, Impeigabili con le Armi in Dotazione All-Esercito,” 1960, an official publication of the Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito, Ispettorato dell’Arma di Artiglieria, publication Number 5382.

They mention only cartridges of ordinary ball, armor-piercing, tracer, incendiary and blanks in official use of the Italian Military.

Drawing from their other descriptions, though, of the correct names for the various .303 rounds, I suspect it would have simply been known as “Cartuccia da Manipolazione, cal. 7,7.” Of the cartridge types shown in the Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito publication, only the 7.7 (.303) tracer seems to have been given a model designation, “Cartuccia a pallottola traciante Mod. 54, cal. 7,7.”

Weapons shown for use of these calibers are the Rifle Enfield No. 1 Mark III or Mark III*, the Rifle, Enfield No. 3 (I don’t actually know what rifle this is referring to?), the Rifle Enfield No. 4 Mark I and Mark I*, the Rifle, Enfiled “di precisione (ts)” (this the Rifle No. 4 Mark I (T) sniper rifle), and the Bren LMG Mark I and Mark II.