303 English

I recently acquired what appears to be a run of the mill 303 British cartridge.The case is brass and the bullet is a round nose, jacketed soft point. The jacket is cupro-nickel (or gilding metal; I can’t tell the difference). The bullet is non magnetic.

What puzzles me is the headstamp: W.R.A.Co. over 303 ENGLISH (not British). There are 3 stab crimps on the brass primer.

Given the headstamp and primer crimps, which certainly do not seem to be usual for WRA, is there ssomething unusual about this round?

Would appreciate any info anyone can provide.



Hi Larry, this is a very rare W.R.A.Co. headstamp made in 1897. According to Foster’s “Winchester Forgotten Cartridges” it was a “first pilot run” preceding the W.R.A.Co. 303 BRITISH. headstamp.

Can you post some pictures?