.303 Fraser Edinburgh Rimless (inert) (Edit: .303 Fraser Velox Mauser)

Inert .303 Fraser Edinburgh Rimless.

I’d be grateful if anyone could comment on the headstamp circular markings.

Could the markings have been the result of:

(1) A cancellation process.
(2) Damage that occurred during the process of making inert.
(3) Or, another reason.

If anyone could suggest a date range it would be much appreciated.

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This round is also known as 303 Fraser Velox Mauser this is a quite valuable round coming from that
famous Scottish Gun Smith in Edinburgh I assume those markings on the bottom come from a Gun
Chamber that was to tight and by extracting the cartridge the bolt face left those marks I have seen
this often under certain circumstances bolts doing that but it usually means a gun smith should look
at the gun

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Hi sherryl,
I was disappointed when I first looked at the headstamp and noticed the scoring. It appeared to have been, as I thought, defaced.
However; on the basis that I might not see a Fraser, ever again, I decided to take; ‘the plunge.’

Many thanks for your comments, they are greatly appreciated………and I’m happy.