303 G 16 Mk vii info please

Hi All, I got this 303 G 16 vii cartridge today and i recall reading a post from 2008 regarding the G stamped tracer. Is this the one talked about?


This is a standard Ball Mk VII cartridge case made by Greenwood and Batley Ltd, Leeds UK in 1916.

I thought they were GB. and so you learn.

Thank you Falcon.


Greenwood and Batley was GB after WW.I and also used those letters in the early years of the 303. There’s no doubt a story here. Jack

Jack when i saw it something jumped out at me. I still have this tracer story ringing in my head. G was the code for tracer was it not?

This is not an area I’m at all comfortable with, but yes G indicated tracer and many WW.I tracer rounds were marked VIIG. I suppose (I’m speaking theoretically here) you could have such a round made by Greenwood and Batley and the headstamp might well have read G.16 above VIIG. It’s like those early German 7.9 m/m cartridges that have the letter “S” indicating this and that in the headstamp. Jack

Thanks Jack. Cant wait for those with a bit more knowledge than me to help out.


Jonathan, this link should help explain the early days of british tracer. It was not simply a case of marking them with a ‘G’…