.303 Gaudet Short Range Practice

Can anyone identify the following cartridge.
Headstamp R arrow L OII

Is it a common one?


I think you will find that the headstamp is actually R^L C II, the “C” standing for Cordite. The headstamp is that of the normal ball Mark II round which should have a 215 grn round nosed bullet, but in this case has been loaded with one of a series of trial short range lead bullets. These trials took place in 1902-04 and included rounds designed by Gaudet, Kynoch and Ewart.

The one you have is based on the Gaudet and had a 89 grn bullet with 10 grns blackpowder.


This appears to be a ".303 Gaudet Short Range Practice"
Are you sure the headstamp is “R^L OII”? It should be “R^L C II”

Tonye, Ron,

Thanks for the information.
Yes the headstamp reads an C.