.303 Greener

Hi all,
I’ve got a doubt about a Greener.

The first one corresponds to the Labbett book and and joined picture.
The second one looks like the first bullet missing.
No H/S on both of them.
Can someone give me some information about it.

Looks like a perfectly legitimate two-bullet / duplex loading.

However your triplex load not being crimped and a CN bullet is suspicious to me. That said only because mine has is GM & shows turn marks. Also I have a set of the three bullets & the front one of those is a solid GM bullet with turn marks. The 2nd is solid CN as your duplex load shows.

I’ll go further and say I don’t know if these were loaded with CN-jacketed lead-cored bullets (which yours looks like} or solid CN first bullets, and Greener may have used CN types, I just don’t know, but it does raise a flag. You might also want to compare the 1st bullet ojive of yours to the photo of the one you show as sectioned, which also shows turn marks and looks GM…

However I’m sure they were slightly taper crimped into the case, which I’m not sure I see here, even when I blow it up.

Plus empty cases are known.

Here is mine. Note the 2nd bullet looks GM in this photo. However if you look into the bases of the first and 2nd bullets you see two things 1) no core and 2) the materiel, the 1st bullet is GM & the 2nd bullet is CN.

Also notice the crimp, turn marks and shape.

Again I’'l state, I can’t say for sure the bullet in your triplex is wrong.

Philippe, I agree with Pete about the duplex loading, it looks legitimate and I have an x-ray that shows that it is loaded with two non-nested correct bullets. There are also triplex loadings with the front bullet loose or missing, but they can be recognized because the neck has a cannelure and/or because the second bullet is located much more deeper.



I removed the bullets; only two!
There is a core on both bullets and 3 point crimp marks on the first bullet!
Weights are 151 and 75 grs.

Fore sure as you said a wrong one!!!

About Greener triplex and duplex loadings, I know they exist in:
303 : bullet diameter 7.9 mm (311)
30-06 : bullet diameter 7.82 mm (308)
321 short (Minor) : bullet diameter 8.38 mm (330)
321 long : bullet diameter 8.38 mm (330)

Do you know other calibers ?

I have samples of experimental greener bullets (CN jacket, turned brass, hole from the top to the cavity, with grooves and no grooves, aso) picked up at his office in England.
Among them some have dimensions which don’t fit with the common calibers.

I was in contact with Peter Labett a long time ago and he told me some of them coud be for a 7.92 Mauser triplex.

Any info ?