.303 headstamp Identification help required

I have a headstamp I need help with

I think I have 01 - ٠ ١
70 - ٠٧
107 - ١٠٣

rest not sure and I have most probebley got it all wrong :-)
It has a highley magnetic bullet


This is Egyptian.

The markings read:

UAR - Abbreviation for United Arab Republic

303 - Calibre

10 - Factory 10 (Alexandria)

70 - Year - 1970

I think the year is actually '80.

Hi Rich,
I’ll go along with Jon. The right symbols look like A.R.E. Arab Republic of Egypt. (1971-???)
303 on the bottom. 80 left. 10 on top. My best guess.

I have a way of writing the numbers but how do I write UAR in Arabic/Egyption


Rich, this may be of help:

Thanks EOD I have tried that but when I type UAR in it comes up looking nothing like what is on my headstamp


As Dan said, in 1980 it would be ARE, no longer UAR.

Rich, of course you need to know the Arabic spelling as that what you used is the translation of the wording already.

I dont think you are understanding what I mean, when I translate ARE or UAR what I get looks nothing like what is on the headstamp pictured.


I think I do, you just do not type the 2 abbreviations you mentioned as the Arab wording is not starting with these letters.

AHHH it makes sence to me now thank you so I just cant do a direct translation of the letters, I will just put a photo in my catalouge.

many thanks