.303 headstamps

Gday, have 2 .303 headstamps I know nothing about, Manufacturer’s and dates? An international friend has asked me and I am hopeless so figured you guys would have a lot more knowlege.

Regards Hamish.


Hammish, I coming up with Cartridge S.A. Ball .303-inch Cordite Mark II for the second one. Am referencing A.O. Edwards book on .303 headstamps. Approved 17 July 1893 First round to use the large 1/4 Berdan cap, Hope this help you. Tom from MN


They are both .303 Cordite MkII.
Made by Kynoch (Poorly stamped II ) and 6 = R^L (Royal Lab).

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A bit more info on the R^L headstamp, the 6 refers to contractor No 6 who supplied the metal to Royal Laboratory, I have seen contractors No. 1-6 on R^L headstamps, unfortunately no record of these contractors survived so are usually referred to as ‘unknown contractor’ in publications

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The No “6” on the headstamp signifies a case supplied to RL by Greenwood & Batley. The material suppiers are identified by adding the number to the RL in the headstamp. The number only signifies case supply by the contractor.


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The only cases supplied were No4 from a unknown contractor , the rest including No6 was metal supplied by unknown contractors, check Tony Edwards books which confirm this

I am only going by the information written by Peter Labbett that I have in the reference collection. It is also in his Book .303 on page 204. In Tony’s book on pages 8, 9,10 & 12 headstamps have a footnote also showing numbers only and RL plus numbers. Where in Tony Edwards’s book does it confirm what you say?

Not being an arse I just have several pieces of info and 2 books saying Numbers only were cases supplied and numbers added to RL were metal suppliers.


point taken but both Edwards and Labbett both agree that No 6 was an unknown contractor, so I’m wondering where you got the information that contractor No 6 was Greenwood and Batley?
Possibly from one of the numerous ‘only ever seen’ by Labbett items/info?