303 Help K.44 Gii HS

Hi all, i have found a magnetic bullet between my 303 tracers. Is it normal for a K38 Gii to be magnetic? cartridge weight is 373,3gr / 24,18 grams. red anulus and primer is ring crimped. bullet is roll crimped (not sure if correct term) at case neck.

photos if needed.

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If the bullet has a steel envelope (i.e. CNCS or GMCS), it will be attracted to a magnet. GII used CN, CNCS, GM and GMCS bullets. The neck crimp (cases coned into the cannelure) is correct for a GII tracer.

Thanks Mayhem, would the CNCS bullet be very or slightly magnetic?

I also founf a 7.62X51 FNM HS 75-35 green anulus with magnetic bullet, 8X57 HS S 10 magnetic and 8X57 P F S 26 with magnetic bullet… I dont know why I have never checked before?


Are you sure the Soloturn round is not a reload?
I only know him with a M88 bullet, not with a soft point.


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Hi Dutch, it does not look like a reload. does yours have 3 rectangular neck crimps about 3,5mm long? I have never seen a reload with that kind of neck crimp.

Reloading military cartridges having a segmented bullet crimp with a hunting bullet can leave the original segmented crimp clearly visible. I agree with Dutch in that the cartridge in question is very possibly a reload.


OK, so magnetic because its CNCS?

The “CS” at the end of GMCS or CNCS means “Clad Steel”
The GM means Gilding Metal and CN means Cupro-nickel both of which act as a lubricant so an uncoated steel bullet jacket does not wear out the barrel.