.303 I.D. please

Today a friend of my asked me to identify some rounds.

Well Dutch needs some help, because he is not so familiar with British rounds.
Also made a picture. Perhaps it is easier that way.

Many thanks in advance.


OK Dutch, here we go (left to right)

Incendiary B Mark IV made by Royal Laboratories, Woolwich. A development of the WWI Buckingham rounds it was filled with phosphorus and ignited when a fusible metal plug in the side of the bullet melted on firing.

Short range parctice similar to the Gaudet rounds loaded in Canada. One of several designs that were produced for training in the UK but which never went into service. Manufacturer “8” is the case supplier but the round was loaded at RL. The allocation of the numbers to case producers is still not known.

Ball Cordite Mark IV. The Mark III hollow point was introduced in 1897 but was not issued and it was replaced by the Mark IV, designed to increase stopping power. It was not successful as the jacket had an open base and the core tended to blow though, Itself replaced by the Mark V and all relegated to training in 1899 as they contravened the St.Petersburg Declaration and the Hague Convention. Made by RL and “C” indicates cordite load.

Kynoch commercial load on surplus Mark II ball case. There was a thread about these recently.

Ball Cordite Mark II made by RL. Introduced in 1893 and used until the Marks IV and V were introduced in 1898, but after their withdrawal was again used until the introduction of the Mark VI ball in 1904.


Tony, thank you very much.

He get a box full from a old hunter who wanted to make a nice afternoon on the shooting. range. The lucky part was, he didn

Thats quite an amazing collection for an old hunter to have. You don’t just accumulate some of those rounds by accident. Is there any value in trying to persue where he got them?