.303 Id


Can anyone help me with those .303:

I think the first one is an inspectors Mark IV (total weight 398 grains),H/S DAC 19 12 VII,
Third: .303/22 inch.
Many thanks


I agree the firts one is a Canadian Inspectors’ Dummy drill Mark IV.

The second is one of the University of Montreal High velocity .303/.22 rounds, the work being undertaken on a government contract. I am sure paul S can elaborate.

The third is the final pattern of the British .303/.22 round designed for practice with the Vickers on indoor 25 yard ranges. There were also an all lead bullet and a solid aluminium one, but the one you have was the design finally decided upon. However, for reasons that are now obscure, the design was never adopted despite successful trials.



Many thanks Tony


There is not too much more I can add to Tony’s identification, except to say that they were from the University of Toronto from a project S.A.I.D. (but I do not know what this stands for). The work dates from the early 1940’s.

These are the ‘common’ rounds, but there were many other variations (on other case types) which were also geared towards achieving high velocities.

It is, as many of your rounds that you have posted on the forum, a nice variation.



Thanks Paul, I can never remember which University it was!



Many thanks Paul and Tony.