.303 Id

Hi all,
Here are two .303 I would like to get information about them:

The first one has an inscription on it “INERT” on both sides, blue tip.
Primer is hited.
H/S: S.R. 44 BVII

The second one looks like a reducer.
It’s written “TAULER-MASTER” on it.


SR 44 BVII: ROF Spennymoor, (SR) 1944 Incendiary Mark VII. Inerted by hand for UK collecting Purposes ( “Special” ammo is Prohibited even to collectors in UK.).

Spennymoor was a WW II factory, using cases made elsewhere (Usually Radway Green) for Loading “Specials” (Tracer, Incendiary etc.) mostly for the RAF. Closed in 1944-45).

Doc AV

Phillippe, the second item is a subcaliber adaptor for the 4 mm Übungspatrone that was made by/for Cristóbal Tauler, a policeman and olympic shooter who in the 1930’s had a gunshop named Taulesto in Madrid, Spain. Very nice find!

PS: Can you tell me the head and rim diameter?

Some people told me it was not a .303 subcaliber adaptor but it fits perfectly in my Enfield!

Philippe, thanks! There is a good chance that this is a .303 adaptor because the other owner of Taulesto was a British ex-military that served with the Royal Field Artillery. However, adaptors are not always what they look like. Regards, Fede.