.303 Identification

Hi all,
I just got some new .303 and I would like to be sure about identification!

From left to right, It seems to be:
Blank Drill
FN Rifle grenade
FN experimental x2
GB Alluminium case x2

Can someone tell me more about them.
Many thanks

I have not seen the Drill blank before so cannot give you any answers on that one. It may be a drill initiator or similar for a mortar. Have you any idea what nationality it is?

The FN grenade blank is marked in the same way as the British Grenade Discharger H Mark 4 which was for use with the No.85 grenade (American M9). As the Belgians had No.4 rifles in the post war period this was probably for use with those.

I have seen Numbers three and four before and apart from the fact that they are short range rounds I know little about them… The two aluminium cases are from the 1930s Grenwood and Batley trials. There were a large number of variations of these, some one-piece like your No. 5 and others two piece like No.6. They are good items to find.


Sorry Tony no idea about the nationality of the first one.