.303 Identification

Hi all,
Can someone help me with those .303 !

#1 SB/19/36/R
#2 S.A C-53
#3 No H/S but some inscription on it “3122I”


Hi Philippe,

1 - Sellier & Bellot, Riga, Latvia.
2 - Pirotecnico Esercito Capua, Italy. Full label designation is: “Cartuccia da salve cal. 7,7 (0”,303) per fucili Enfield e per fuc. mitr. Bren con canna Mk II" (Blank cartridge cal. 7,7 mm (0",303) for Enfield rifles and Bren light machine guns with Mk II barrel).



Could #3 be Japanese?

The Imperial Japanese Navy used British supplied Lewis guns and .303 ammunition. I believe they later manufactured both guns and ammunition themselves.

The lack of primer crimp and the small brass primer suggest number 3 is a French cartridge. I have a French ball round with a black casemouth seal but is otherwise identical.

I agree with Jim, No.3 definitely looks French.

Falcon - the Japanese 7.7mm Rimmed rounds were a copy of the British made cartridges, including the .250 inch primer.