.303 incendiary

I have a 48 round box of .303 cartridges marked: “48 Incendiary .303 B. Mk. VIIz L.S.A.A.” The head stamps are “SR BVIIZ and 43”. I understand all of the head stamp coding and know where and when it was made, and that it is incendiary, nitro, and Mark 7.
What concerns me is the bullet tips are colored a light tan or clay color instead of the typical blue for incendiary. I have been to many different sites and forums and have not seen any reference to that tip color.

Please could you post a photo of these cartridges.

I have nine boxes of this ammo and all boxes and head stamps are marked the same. Two boxes have bright blue bullet tips and the rest are tan. The blue tipped bullets are crimped differently as well.
I am totally new to this site and have not yet learned how to post photos. Sorry.

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The colour tips on the B Mark VII vary widely, but I have never seen anything one could describe as “tan”.

Canadian loads in particular vary from a pale milky blue to almost black and I have seen some that appear almost green/blue.

As well as pictures of the tip colour i would like to see close ups of the crimps and also the box labels.

If Byoung e-mails the pictures to me or one of the other regulars we can post them.


Tony E. -
I just e-mailed some photos to you. Thanks!

The blue tipped rounds are regular incendiary B Mark VII made at ROF Spennymoor in 1943, shown with the correct package label.

I believe the tan/yellow tipped rounds are reloads, loaded with ex Soviet 7.62x54mm heavy ball bullets. The biggest clue is the shape of the bullet itself. The B Mark VII has quite a fat ogive with a wide point or meplat, whilst the other type are slimmer with a finer point. Reloads would also explain the different crimp.