.303 inch based propulsion cartridge


This rather corroded cartridge is based on the .303 inch British case. It has a standard ball headstemp of: J 17 VII, a low shoulder and a long tapered neck. It is not the MG blank which has a parallel neck and I suspect that it may be the propulsion cartridge for a trench mortar. Any ideas out there?



This is a propulsive cartridge for a trench mortar as you suggest, but I do not know which one, nor the official nomenclature. Some of these .303 case variations are difficult to identify as they were used as propulsive cartridges, detonators within the bombs and as “Tubes Percussion” for both trench mortars and regular artillery pieces.

This is how a complete example should look, the headstamp on mine is R^L 16 VII.

As you point out, these are sometimes confused with the MG Blank Mark I shown alongside, headstamped R^L 13 VII.