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I’m looking for some help with a .303 round I have, manufactured I’m led to believe by Remington for a WWI UK contract. I don’t think the bullet has been pulled but it has a mark which could be as a result of pliers and is set down (or has been pushed down) into the case giving the round an overall length of 73.98mm (2.915in), a normal .303 being 76.7mm. Unless I get some additional info it’s my intention to pull the bullet to see if it is a standard size/weight.

Other measurements are:

Bullet - 7.83mm
Case - 56.03mm
Neck - 8.51mm
Head - 11.49mm
Rim - 13.23mm

And a couple of photos
LE%20Bullet LE%20Headstamp

Any comments or information would be much appreciated.



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I have that round as being by Remington-UMC. As to if for a contract or not or to whom it might have been for if it was, I’m sorry but i can’t help, but I have it in with the sporting rounds.

yes it appears to be pushed in & both of mine (very minor variation) have CN-jacketed bullets with a knurled crimping cannelure.

total weights are 423.1 and 426. grains

OAL 77.61 and 77.83mm

What is the headstamp. (I don’t like guessing.)

as per his photo “L-E” over “303”

In 1914, Remington produced a contract of Mark VI (6) ammunition for Britain to use in MLE, CLLE, and SMLE MkI rifles still chambered and sighted for MkVI ammo.
The Headstamp was L-E .303.
Cases were Boxer Primed, 215 grn MkVI bullet, Powder ?MR15 by Dupont.
Most used up in Training and RN on ships.
Quite uncommon .303 collectible today.
Doc AV

PetedeCoux and DocAV4901,

Many thanks for your additional information.

I presume the L-E headstamp refers to Lee Enfield?

yes John
Dominion Ammunition of Canada also used L-E in headstamps.
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Great information DocAV4901, thanks.