303 Italian API Cutaway

Get asked about this one a lot, so made a separate post for them.
.303 Italian Armor Piercing Incendiary with head stamps BPD/39 and SMI/937, all mixed
Four small round indents on tip of projectile, (really a jacket within a jacket, look at the two crimped in blue)
Left Blue tipped with phosphorous (replaced), no weep hole, thin layer of lead around steel core
(There was phosphorous under steel core but I’m not sure if it was supposed to be there.)
Right Green tipped with 2 part incendiary compound?
In Prideaux links marked - MB III XLIII

I believe the green ones are loaded with thermite.

The first green tipped that I cut ignited under water and slowly smoldered with a rotten egg smell (sulfur?).

Blue tips are Phosphorus API, the green ones have thermite instead Phos.

Links are Marked “MB ( Meccanica Breda) III ( Tipo 3) XLIII (1943)”

These Copies of Vickers Prideaux Links were used on 7,7, 12,7 and 20mm cartridges…I have some 12,7 Link marked “Innocenti” ( a still-existing maker of (Autos) and White Goods).

Doc AV

Doc AV, MB stands for Metallurgica Bresciana già Tempini, Brescia.

Muchas Gracias, Fede,
but Metallurgica Bresciana was owned by BREDA …so the ID is either or.

Prospero Ano Neuvo

Doc AV

Doc AV, sorry to correct you again, but there never was a company called "Meccanica Breda ", it was designated “Società Italiana Ernesto Breda per Costruzioni Meccaniche”. I can’t find no documentation indicating that MB was ever owned by Breda. Saludos, Fede.

Fede, my father worked for Breda for a short period.
He didn’t remember the exact desination, but the Breda factory is divided in two parts. One part produces weaponry, the other part makes laminated steel plates, rods and so on

I do not think the Metallurgica Bresciana has ever been owned by the Breda, the only change of ownership from 1914 occurred in 1935 when it was purchased by SMI (Società Metallurgica Italiana) of the Orlando family, was closed in 1986.