.303 men 83-2

What can anyone tell me about this production of a .303 round it has a green primer annulus head stamped MEN 83-2. I know who the manufacturer is and I have read about supply for the Netherlands reserve army in or around 1988 these are from a 20 round box I am waiting on good photo’s the ones I have at the present are very poor.



This has been discussed here on the forum before ( viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14542 ) but with little additional information, pictures of boxes are provided.


Thanks Brian but no that thread does not answer any of my questions, I have said I know about the 88 dated rounds the ones I am trying to find out about are 83-2 and I wanted know why the green primer annuls also very different to the box photo I have


A green primer annulus is what you usually find on German 7.62 NATO cartridges. MEN and Manusaar (MS) were founded for the very purpose of producing enormous amounts of 7.62 NATO for Bundeswehr. When orders dropped in the seventies, MS was closed down and MEN started to look for other customers, even serving the civilian market for a limited time, during the tenure of Volker Thiel.

Therefore I doubt that the green annulus has any special meaning. MEN in my view simply continued to use the laquer they had.
The grey 20 round box you show looks exactly like the boxes used by MEN for 7.62 NATO. Only the label is very different.

I have exactly zero documentation for the information, but I was told years ago, when I collected .303 for awhile (I always loved the SmlE rifles and the Bren gun), the the headstamp you show was made for the Republic of Ireland.
They had, of course, primarily British weapons, including many hundreds of post-war manufacture Rifles No. IV, Mark 2. In fact may years later on, perhaps 16 or 17 years ago, a lot of those No IVs were imported into America, so brand new in original packaging. We had about 100 of them at our store - several groups of four and five consecutive serial numbers. I bought one of them, although as a shooter of Enfields, not a collector, I unwrapped it, saving only the package label, and have shot it a couple of times over the years since the store closed down.

Those rifles, and the English label on your box, lend credence to the “Irish connection,” but again, this is all hearsay. No documentation at hand.

anyone had good picture of these rounds (cartridge ,not the headstamp)