.303 MF 1954 Mk 7 ball with case blackening

I posted about this round in the IAA and ACCA journals a few issues back but didn’t receive any definitive identification, so I thought I’d post it here.

As you can see, it is a standard mk 7 ball round made in Australia at the Footscray factory in Melbourne in 1954. What isn’t standard is the black band that has been applied to the bottom of the case.

One suggestion that has been made was that it may have been manufactured for the 1965 Melbourne Olympics. I thought that the timeframe may have been too much but when I discussed this with Lew, he felt that it would be well within the production window.

Another theory from John Kindred was that it could be a match round, as various mach rounds have been produced by other Commonwealth countries with coloured bands applied to the case.

In theory both could be correct and this case could have been a match round produced specifically for the Olympic games.


My theory is that it has been in a clip and darkened with age due to the clip ?
I have pulled many rounds from old clips and they appear darkened at the base due to the clip.
Just another thought of course? Ron.

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Thanks Ron - this has definitely been applied with a roller. You can see where it has been pushed out at the edges under pressure.