.303 Mk7 Bullets

This photo shows two bullets I have which appear to have been fired but with little deformation with the exception of a bulging around the base. Weights (173.42 and 173.86 gn) suggest that they are .303 MkVII ball. Is this bulging normal for an “open” base bullet?

Any comments would be appreciated.


John P

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This is of course not normal. But I think these were fired from an extremely short barreled (not much longer than the chamber) test device to check the bullets for proper “setup” capability. That is the capability to fully expand into the grooves of the rifling of the normal barrel to make the fit more or less gastight.


Many thanks for this suggestion

See page 84 of Labbets .303 Inch book about AP bullets

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Thanks for this, looks like the two I have had good set up.