.303 Movie Blanks model MK L.10 Z

I like to show these three .303 Theatrical blanks made for a WWII movie
All have special headstamps!!

Nice items, for the 1950s and early 1960s, when British Film makers did a lot of WW II theme films, and a lot of the “Blank Firing” was done in wide open spaces, from oblique angles to avoid any splinters.

IN today’s Litigation society ( and Politically-correct Nanny state with ridiculous OH&S( WH&S) regulations, Wood Bullet Blanks are definitely "Passe’ "
and the Insurance companies won’t countenance them…Just saw on Foxtel the other night a Film (WW II, Italian Campaign, US and Germans) where shots of the BMG1919A4 was actually firing Ball ammo ( Plainly seen feeding into the gun, and Ball cases ejecting. Film was “A Walk in the Sun”.

WE make Full Profile Blanks ( also for the Guns Listed in the Photos),in all brass, for feeding in Lewis, Bren and Vickers GO guns ( all require the full profile for correct feeding from magazine;) and they are also good for the Vickers Mark I (Watercooled) as well (No feedblock modification necessary.).
Similar design "Long "Blanks are made by us for 7,9mm and .30/06 guns as well, where Belt or Magazine feeding would be compromised by a standard case-length blank.

The Blank, L Mark 10z was originally developed for use in a BrenGun with a specially modified Blank-fire Barrel ( see “the Bren Gun Saga” by Dugelby…Collector Grade Publications for the Canadian version.
Idea of the hollow wood bullet was copied from similar European Blanks (Mostly German) of the period.

Doc AV
AV ballistics Film Ordnance Services.