303 no headstamp ID please


Any ideas on the maker etc etc, it seem to be a standard ball round, copper jkt.

Frankford Arsenal .303"?

What is the bullet securement like? Any visible cannelure/



[quote=“TonyE”]What is the bullet securement like? Any visible cannelure/


No cannelure or any crimp marks visible.


Not the best pictures but some friends were shooting 303’s on a private range when we noticed some of the projectiles were exploding with a puff of smoke on impact, being a cartridge collector I salvaged the unfired rounds
and at the site we pulled a projectile [the one in the picture], which I have never re seated fully into the case, As it is marked and a good discussion item to show others,
Unheadstamped Incendiary, [possible security WW11]
The rounds are De Wilde, the primer annalus is black or very dark blue, there is no visible crimping on the case neck, I checked the 5 rounds that remain in my collection, all are similar.

Your round may not be a De Wilde but it is possible, although the primer looks to early, but others more learned will possibly know.


Walter - One possibility is that your round is made by Frankford arsenal in 1940. I will have to dig my example out to compare but it certainly looks similar.


Your incendiary is a B Mark VIz and I have come across a number of the early ones without a headstamp. The annulus colour is dark blue and although it is often referred to as a de Wilde round, this was in fact a bit of misinformation by the British. We tried the de Wilde and it was not too successful, but from the broad idea Dixon went on th design the B Mark VI bullet.

One thing you might check. The earliest B.VI bullets had the nose sealed with solder. If you scratch the point you may find it shows silver.



TonyE, thanks for that.


I have just had a look at my FA (allegedly!) made .303 and although the head and cap look very similar the FA round has a cupro-nickel bullet envelope and a knurled cannelure just visible at the case mouth.

Back to the drawing board!

Here it is.



I am curious. When and why did FA make .303?


I am told that FA manufactured some .303 in 1940 for the purpose of possibly supplying the UK. I have no verification for this other that what I was told by Bill Woodin.