.303 Percussion Primer Propelling Charge Igniter for 6 inch Trench Mortar, 1920. Britain

Here is some basic information on the use of a .303 Mk VII cut down cartridge case percussion primer propelling charge igniter for the 6 inch M.L. trench mortar.

Handbook title page


6 inch Trench Mortar

Cross-section of mortar tube

.303 Percussion Primer Propelling Charge Igniter, 6 inch Trench Mortar

Description of .303 Percussion Primer Propelling Charge Igniter, 6 inch Trench Mortar

6 inch Trench Mortar projectile or "bomb"

Fuzes used with 6 inch Trench Mortar bomb

Corrections, additions (percussion primer photos), discussion are most welcomed!



How can I download this document. If that ok Brian


Link to handbook PDF:


IF ABOVE LINK DOES NOT WORK GO TO THE SEARCH PAGE HERE:http://search.slv.vic.gov.au/primo-explore/search?vid=MAIN&sortby=rank AND ENTER THE SEARCH TERM " Handbook of the M.L. 6-in. trench mortars " this will take you to the PDF of the 6-inch Trench Mortar.


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