303 plastic boxes

Hi all,
I’m looking to buy some plastic boxes to stock my common 303 cartridges in vertical position such as David A Mayne do in is book “Australian Military Small Arms Ammunition production 1888-2003”.
Can someone help me.

Philippe, active shooters and reloaders often use these boxes or equivalents from other manufacturers. Must admit my own collection of 8x58RD currently sits in this kind of box because of lack of space in the safe.
I have put a layer or two of paper towels in the bottom to protect coloured tips on the cartridges.

mtmcase-gard.com/products/ri … -rifle.php
battenfeldtechnologies.com/p … ammo-boxes


Many thanks, I’ll order some from MTM.

At least in the US, every gun show has several vendors selling a variety of plastic storage boxes for different calibers and capacities, up to 100. But that is probably not the case in France.