.303" projectles identification

Hi to all,
trying to find identification of the manufactures of these two bullet base stamps, can’t find anything about these in Tony Edwards or Labbetts books.
Also this double cannelure, top one rilled, ball? projectile, it also seems to have a larger jacket ‘roll over’ than normal…no headstamps to work with as all these projectiles are from a load of manky rounds I broke up years ago, was supposed to be doing some jobs around the house but turned up a box of ‘stuff’ that was far more interesting


I have seen dual cannelure CN Mk VII projectiles in US manufacturered WWI era cases from both the US Cartridge Co. and Remington Arms Co. All of my specimins have neck cracks and the projectiles are easily removed. I’m not at home right now, so I cannot check whether there are impressions on the base or not but I will check.

Thanks Mayhem,
I’m fairly sure that the ammo I broke up was all English and nothing that early, I will however double check with the WW1 US .303" I have here later on


I have same or very similar to upper most photo, mine is from a cartridge with headstamp D.C.Co. .303 L.- M.
Winchester WW1 era cartridges have a raised W in the lead at bullet base.
Remington-UMC have an impressed U
Peters WW1 era cartridges I have are plain base, no letter.
United States Cartridge Co. have a raised US in the lead at bullet base.


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Thank you very much Randy