303 reloads?

Questions is are they reloads or were they issued like that
the bottom looks to original for reloads soft point bullets
for military loads i do not think so???
SherrlIMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322

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Looks like military ball converted by the National Cartridge Company.
In the 1920s a company called the National Cartridge Company purchased surplus .303" ammo from the Cdn govt. NC then pulled the bullets removed the front of the jacket and swaged the lead nose and reseated the bullets. It was marketed in boxes very similar to those of DCCo. It gave trouble with the core blowing through the bullet leaving the jacket in the barrel.

See the below link for a box


Why do you say these cartridges were loaded into Kynoch cases you
did the right thing by sending this letter wich basicly explained it all
These are original DOMINION ARSENAL LOADINGS (DA)Early
Canadien.I thank everybody that wrote,as always the surprises one
gets in this hobby are often amazing.

Thanks for your note what you wrote pretty well is in line with the
letter send by PetedeCoux
Thanks Sherryl

Pete I apologize the note about the Kynoch loading was made by
Tony E.The note was tugged to close to the bottom of your letter
and I had just got out of bed sorry.