.303 Rifle Grenade Mark 2


I’m trying to establish the correct type of a .303 Rifle Grenade cartridge with the headstamp MF 35 II, in the usual 120 degree configuration. David Mayne has it shown as unknown type in his excellent book.
The earliest date I have noted is the 35, but have also sighted 40 and 41.
The case should be all blackened, but on all specimens sighted to date, there is no blackening.
My impression (guess!!)is that it was used as a Naval line thrower cartridge.
Because of the dates, would it be Cartridge, S.A., Rifle Grenade, .303 Inch, Cordite, H Mark II



Further research indicates that this is a Tube, Percussion, S.A., Cartridge, Mark II

Headstamp and plain brass case seems to bear this out.


Agree that is what it is. You have answered your own question!