303 Sav. cord wrapped

I have had this round in my collection for many years W.R.A.Co. 303 SAV. a fairly common round , mine is labelled CORD WRAPPED I am familiar with the WIRE WRAPPED projectiles but can’t find any info on CORD wrapped ones , the projectile is round nose lead , and there is something wrapped around it extending about 1/4in out of the case and into the neck, unfortunately it has a coat of old lacquer on it and it’s hard to see, can any one give me any info on Cord Wrapped. Thanks Randy


There was a thread on the Forum not long ago. Do a search. It was concerning wire patched bullets. I may have even started it, I don’t remember.

Anyway, the wire patched bullets were made with differing wrappings. Some of the very earliest ones were wound with a cotton or other fabric cord. They weren’t too strong and were soon discarded in favor of wire.

There are many wire patched examples using a cotton covered wire - what used to be called bell wire. That may be what you have. If it’s been lacquered it would be difficult to tell exactly what the wrapping is.


Hi Ray, I found the thread thanks , I do have a couple of the wire wrapped rounds and they do look a little different from the one in question, do you know if they were manufactured by the same company?, the only old add I can find is from the “National Projectile Works” in Grand Rapids, Michigan ,and they only mention “Wire Patched” I was hoping to get something more specific on CORD wrapped bullets, thanks Randy


The only reference I can find that ties the cord wrapped bullets to a specific manufacturer is Phil Sharpe’s Complete Guide To Handloading.

His narrative is a little confusing. The designer of the wire patched bullet was Mr. M.C. Lisle and he also helped found the National Projectile Works. Sharpe includes a quote from Elmer Kieth, who worked for Lisle, which says, in part, “. . . the Lisle Wire Patched Bullet, as it was originally known before adoption of the “National” name, was originally cast and wound with a very strong cotton or other fabric. . .”

So, I’d assume that the cord wrapped bullets were a product of National Projectile Works.

If you can locate Sharpe’s book the bullets are covered on p 111of the original text and pages 57 - 61 of the Supplement.


Ray, Thank you very much for that info and your research, I am sure I will be able to borrow a copy of Phils book from someone at the Gun Club and copy the bits I need. Randy