303 Savage Maker?

I have examined a 303 Savage ctg,no hs, large .250" copper primer, RN CN SP bullet with knurled cannelure.
Can anyone ID the manufacturer?

Just a guess, but it sounds like Clinton Brand made for Sears Roebuck about 1910.


That is what I am thinking. The primer looks British.

The cartridge as described does sound British. In the early years of the 20th century the firm of Eley did catalog this caliber, so they at least are a potential source. Jack

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Without a picture though, I don’t see how you can say it looks British.

I would beg to disagree, with a knurled cannelure I would say it is almost certainly NOT British. We tended to use rolled cannelures.


I think orange’s reference to a knurled cannelure references the bullet. I think TonyE’s statement references the method of retaining the bullet in the case. Not very many cartridges retain the bullet with a knurled cannelure. Many American, British, and other countries use a rolled cannelure on the case mouth to keep the bullet in place. At the time, circa 1900-1910 early manufacture, the .303 Savage would have been manufactured in the U.S.A. not very many, I can’t think of one, ammunition manufacturers would have been using primers of .250 diameter. Orange didn’t indicate if the primer cup was brass or copper, but I suspect it is copper and I suspect the cartridge is Berdan primed. He describes the bullet as GM with a knurled cannelure which causes me to think the cannelure is on the bullet and not a method of retaining the bullet in the case (shell). Someone once said, “We are two people separated by a common language!” I think perhaps we still are! TonyE and orange can toss out any comments that they feel they need to, but the cartridge in question is, in my opinion, of English manufacture either by Eley or Kynoch.

My apologies!!! I stated GM bullet and meant to state CN bullet in my previous post.