303 Savage wire patched- NPW cartridges

Hopefully someone can answer one or more of these questions:

  1. Did a Savage made .303 S Wire Patched cartridge become a reality? Note the SRA Co headstamp altered to read SA Co.

  2. Did National Projectile Works load cartridges, or was this just an advertising ploy ?

Some exist in 10.67x57R Russian Berdan. I wonder if these are related.

Hi Scott,

  1. This is a drawing of a .303-180 loading which was originally published in the National Projectile Works c. 1901 price list and later reproduced in “The Complete American and Canadian Sportsman’s Encyclopedia of Valuable Instruction” dated 1913. Their price list offered loaded ammunition and also some of their advertisements mentions: “Send $1.00 for sample box of bullets or cartridges, any size listed in our catalogue”. Another paragraph says: “If you desire to prepare your own ammunition we would suggest that you procure an Ideal Reloading Tool No. 3 Special, which is considered one of the best on the market. This tool has always given us entire satisfaction”. A series of inspection reports dated between 1899 and 1902 indicates that this company manufactured bullets only but I think is quite possible that they loaded their own ammunition using new primed empty cases.

  2. This one is also from the “The Complete American and Canadian Sportsman’s Encyclopedia of Valuable Instruction” of 1913. I believe this is the only known source where this unreported headstamp is depicted but it must have been taken from an earlier source unknown to me. By this date the company name already was “National Cartridge Company”.

The bullet box is from my collection…The catalog pages I’ve had for a long time…


Anybody able to find the mentioned patent?

The drawings I show were taken from Jim Sones volumes on cartridge patents…the full text and drawings can be found on Google Patents…


Found it! Thanks!


Thanks, I had these cuts, and lost track of the info on the book they came from !!!


Thanks,nice box.